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Does your company need to be motivated or inspired?

Do you want to save Thousands on Insurance?

Do you want your employees to take control of their health?


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Picture your corporation with….

  • Better Team Unity, Cohesion & Spirit
  • Better Health
  • Better Performance
  • Better Relationships
  • Better Attitude

The goal of BcT’s corporate wellness program is to confront and proactively address  issues like stress, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. These diseases are preventing  your employees from performing at their highest level, costing your company more money, and killing people prematurely! Primary prevention of illness and disease is much less costly than treatment. Education and awareness go a long way toward changing behaviors. Our goal is to transform your corporation by bringing awareness, educating, empowering and motivating your employees.

Our corporate fitness boot camp program guarantees to help your company improve its bottom line by helping your employees take control of their health.
Your employees will experience life changing results with an average of 7-11lbs. of weight loss within their first month.

Bootcamp Tulsa offers a state of the art corporate training package. The Bootcamp Tulsa Corporate Program is a  Transformation challenge lasting 12 weeks that will dramatically improve the overall health and wellness of your employees.

So what happens after 12 weeks? We are so sure that you will love the BcT  program that after 12 weeks you may continue the program at a discounted rate of 15% off!

The Bootcamp Tulsa Corporate Challenge Package Includes:

  • Our Bootcamp Tulsa “Most Effective Fat Burning” workouts and Nutrition System
  • Bootcamp Tulsa Workouts at a Mutually Agreeable Time and Location (could be at your office!)
  • Before and After Health and Fitness Assessment and Goal Setting for Each Employee
  • Accountability
  • Meal Plans
  • 1 Nutrition Coaching session with Q&A
  • Corporate Discounts On All Recommended Supplements

*Packages are completely customizable

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Bootcamp Tulsa Lunch and Learns are:

  • Highly Energetic
  • Highly Inspirational
  • Highly Motivational
  • Highly Insightful
  • Highly Informative
  • Fun
  • REAL

These are interactive Wellness/ Fitness interactive presentations that will provide a unique and entertaining experience for your corporation that by the conclusion will have your employees wanting more.

This is – a win-win for everyone!!!

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You Pick Your Lunch and Learn Topic:


The Lies and Myths of Fat loss

Do you wonder why you cannot lose weight and have the body that you have always desired?

Let us show you why you can not lose the fat, let us tell you what you are doing wrong when it comes to losing body fat, and then allow us to show you that you how simple it really is to shed that unwanted body fat once and for all. There is so much crappy information out there, how do you know what to believe anymore? Are you looking for the right answers? Well, we have got it for you!



Rapid Fat Loss at Work

What if I told you that you can burn calories and loss fat while you work…Would you want that?

We want to show you how there is never an excuse to not live a healthier life. Did you know that you can accomplish your goals no matter how much time you have in the day. Allow us to show you how that even if you only have 10 minutes a day that you can still make some positive changes with the right workout.

After this interactive workshop your group will have the necessary tools to take their health to the next level!



Why Crunches Don’t Work… How Would you like a Six Pack?

Have you been doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups per day and wondering why you still do not have a six pack?

I know, as crazy as it sounds, some people continue to still perform these exercises even though they are not seeing results. Why? Probably because that is what they were told works.

During this interactive workshop you be given the right exercises to finally give you that six pack abs that you have always wanted

We will show you how to train for 6-pack abs the right way so that you can have the flat stomach that you have always desired and look and feel the way that you deserve!  Believe me after this interactive workshop you will feel the difference and you will be wanting more.

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