Girls Rule, Boys Drule

Girls Rule, Boys Drule ; Workout For Women Only

this content was written for Bootcamp Tulsa

Let’s face it, men are real slobs. They are messy, they are rude, and all they want to do at the gym is stare at all the ladies. If only there was a place that ladies could go that was away from all the men. At bootcamp Tulsa, it is a workout for women only (918) 528-4296. No men allowed in this clubhouse. Every female is confident that she can work out without the eyes of men staring and judging her every move.

A commercial gym may not be your fit. Full of men grunting and groaning as they lift heavy weight, judging you as you walk by them on your way to the treadmill. All this does is affect your self-esteem and your confidence. What you really need to do is find a group of ladies who all want to train together away from all the cavemen. You want to have a workout for women only, your own club, with your own password. Boot camp Tulsa, every morning, has a group of 30 to 40 women per location without any males. They train for 45 minutes to one hour. Women are exuding with confidence there.

The iron jungle is usually run by the males. No regard for the ladies who want to look better. They are selfish and rude when it comes to their so-called territory. They yell “this is my turf, and if you want to be here, then I am allowed to stare at you”. Boot camp Tulsa has fixed this problem. They pick secluded locations in Tulsa, where you feel safe and secure, and most important, confident. Most of the coaches are men, but don’t worry, because they have been thoroughly vetted, and are some of the most stand up guys in the area. You will never want to go back to a regular gym again. The thought of walking into a lunk infested building never has to cause you fear anymore.

Boot camp was created when coach JC realized that stay-at-home mom’s did not want to feel judged every time they wanted to better their life at the gym. He thought, “why don’t I just train them myself in a park, where they can have a judgment free zone”. The idea of this business caught on quickly in the Tulsa area. Coach JC and his well-trained staff of coaches have been changing women’s lives for over 10 years. They have a workout for women only that is very dynamic and gets you to your fitness goals quickly. They have set it up with the stay-at-home moms and business women’s schedules in mind.

Most stay-at-home moms have to be home early enough to take their kids to school, and business women need to be home with enough time to get ready for work. So they created a 5:30 AM class. They also have a class at noon-time, for the women that like their beauty sleep. Don’t worry if training in the evening is your cup of tea, they have an evening class well. Boot camp Tulsa has created a foolproof way to reach your goals. Get started tomorrow, you will not regret your decision.

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