Do You Hate Being Around People?

Do You Hate Being Around People? ; Tulsa Personal Trainer

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Do you hate being around other people? Is your dream future and a monastery on the top of a mountain? Away from all civilization, not another soul for miles? Does the thought of working out with a group of people around 30 or more scare you, and give you anxiety? A Tulsa personal trainer might be just what you’re looking for 918 528-4296. One-on-one training, just you and the person telling you what to do.

If you’re the type of person that boards up your windows just so people think that nobody lives in the house, you might be an introvert. As an introvert you might have to keep Prilosec OTC around any time you go to Walmart. Just the thought of talking to your brother gives you a mini panic attack. Thanksgiving dinner? Nah, you already have plans with your dogs. A Tulsa personal trainer can help you get the same results as a group training atmosphere, but without the crowd of people. You can look just as sexy as they do but with the comfort of solitude.

Your dream might be to live in a monastery on the top of a mountain, but here in Tulsa all we have is turkey mountain. You might be able to set up a tent at the peak of this so-called mountain, and call it your training monastery. You can meditate quietly away from everybody and sing with the birds. The only person allowed up there is you and your Tulsa personal trainer. All the fitness that you need, and all the solitude that you want. No more bringing an extra pair of underwear for when you see a large crowd of people. You can be confident that nobody will ever see you up there.

What has this world come to? Scientists are getting smarter, and the rest the world is getting dumber. We spend most of our time watching Kim Kardashian fight with her sister. We might flip the channel to find out who the next teen mom is, or flip to the biggest loser just to make ourselves feel better, because at least I don’t look like them. You know you have to lose some weight, but you hate people. You hate the very thought of having to socialize with people you do not like. A personal trainer will help you lose that weight and you can avoid being around idiots.

You might be one of the people that see the punishment of solitary confinement as a dream. Away from everyone, in a dark little room, all you need is your bed and three meals a day. If this is you, you might want to get your own personal trainer. To keep you fit and living longer so you can hate people for years and years to come. Except for your dogs, you love your dogs, you take them on weekly dates to the dog park. You love Fido. You might even fantasize of being that one old cat lady, or dog lady. You have all the friends you need, and none of them make you angry. Call (918) 528-4296 today to make an appointment.

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