The first Tulsa Gym.

The first Tulsa Gym.

This content was written for www.BootcampTulsa.com

I know what you are thinking, how can a place that’s been around since 2008 be the first Tulsa Gym? Well it is Tulsa’s first outdoor fitness experience. It is the first gym of its kind that Tulsa has ever seen. It’s the first gym that makes working out an experience, and fun. It is a gym that’s ready to make every single woman the best that she can be, both physically and mentally. It’s a gym that’s waiting for you to call. You want the phone number? It is 918 ñ 528 ñ 4296.

It is the first Tulsa Gym founded by Coach JC who is one of the leading professional trainers in strength and conditioning in the entire country. He has been all around the world not only helping train professional athletes, but help motivate people to start winning in life. What does it mean to win in life? It means to take charge of your life. Take charge of your health. Be who you want to be, feel how you want to feel. It means to stop just going through the motions in life but to truly start living it. Coach JC founded Bootcamp Tulsa to help the women in Tulsa start winning. If you’re not a member, you’re truly missing out.

You’re missing out on not only the first Tulsa Gym of its kind, but also the whole experience that comes with it. You’re missing out on the trainers who are passionate about getting you to the next fitness level. You’re missing out on all of the different tools such as nutritional advice, and sample meal plans. You are missing out on the fitness assessment that they offer. You are missing out on the family that is Bootcamp Tulsa. You’re missing out on something that hundreds of women in Tulsa have been loving and using for over five years. You’re missing out on something great

It’s time to stop missing out. Stop missing out on innovative, exercise fitness programs that are proven to work. Not only proven to work, but proven to be fun as well. It’s time to stop missing out on the convenience of five locations. It’s time to stop missing out on the gym that is all about empowering women in every aspect of their life. It’s time to stop missing out on a great fitness program. It’s time to stop missing out on a great, physically fit, you. It’s time to stop missing out on a better looking, more confident you.

If you are tired of missing out on all these great things, and are ready to change that it is time you called us. You are way overdue for feeling the way that you deserved feel, and way overdue for looking the way you deserve to look. No more missing out for you. All you have to do is just call918 ñ 528 ñ 4296. or go online at www.BootcampTulsa.com. It’s time to not only train with the best, but be the best.

A Tulsa Gym That Has Been Featured on Numerous Oklahoma News Articles.

This content was written for www.BootcampTulsa.com.

Have you ever heard of the small publications Oklahoma Magazine, Tulsa World, or the small news station Fox 23? Yes, I’m being facetious. Those are not small publications or news station. They have all heard of the Tulsa Gym that has been providing women around Tulsa amazing results for over five years. What is this place that they are all talking about? It is Bootcamp Tulsa. It’s a place that meets women wherever they are at in their fitness goals, and help succeed them. It’s a place that guarantees results. It’s a place where most women have dropped anywhere from 8 to 12 pounds in the first month! It’s a place that you can check out at www.BootcampTulsa.com.

Yes, Tulsa’s gone crazy over this revolutionary exercise program. It’s more than a gym though. It’s not just a yoga class that you show up to once a week. It’s a way of life that you commit to. It’s a way of life that you commit to that is still fun. It’s a exercise program that has some of the top fat burning exercises around. It has some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. It’s Professional coaches that have been doing this for years and years. It has professional coaches that have helped train professional athletes all over the world. It’s a place that is here in Tulsa, that’s waiting for you.

It’s a place that does not care about what you look like, or what your previous fitness experience is. It’s a place that will look you dead in the eye and promise you that it will give you results. It’s a place where you can truly discover or rediscover yourself. It’s a place that will help you feel better than you have ever felt before, and look more physically fit than ever. It’s a place that has innovative programs, and nutritional advice. It’s a place that is a judge free zone. It’s a place that has five locations. It is the place that has been helping women feel more beautiful than ever before since 2008.

It’s a Tulsa Gym that allows you to try it out before you commit. But the place that wants to help you succeed. It’s a place that’s all about family. it’s a place that has coaches that are truly passionate about what they do, and how they can help you. It is not a gym, it’s a fitness program that is just for women, and that is tailored to you. It’s a place that is all about empowerment. It’s a place that can help you see true results. It’s a place that is going to build strength and character.

Yes Bootcamp Tulsa is a Tulsa Gym that has been featured in all of those articles and publications that were listed before. The reason is that because it has helped hundreds of women look and feel amazing. It is helped women all over Tulsa improve in all different areas of their lives. It is helped women from all different backgrounds and walks of life join together and create a family. Check it out at www.BootcampTulsa.com or 918 ñ 528 ñ 4296.

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