Pain Is A Pain In The Butt ; Artificial Disc Replacement

Pain Is A Pain In The Butt ; Artificial Disc Replacement

This content was written for Dr Parchuri.

Everything these days is getting further and further away from the truth. Real letters too expensive so we now make fake leather. Our plants don’t have free water, because they are artificial plants. Everything is glued together and made in China. Nothing is real anymore. The problem with that is that is the real. The good thing about that though is that there is very little upkeep. At spine and orthopedic specialist in Tulsa, artificial disc replacement is one of their specialties. You can call them at 539-664-4448.
There is a benefit to having fake stuff in your body. From plastic surgery, to silicon injections. The cool thing about these: is the don’t help to maintain them. They won’t break down like your normal body does. There isn’t anything to run away. And that’s why scientists and doctors are moving from replacing your bone with bone, to replacing it with an artificial disc. It’s made of a ceramic/plastic material and is more durable than your body’s actual bone. It will be there long after your body is gone. The doctors over there at spine orthopedic specialists are the best in the business when it comes to this department.

Their heart is seeing their patients living healthier and longer lives. Their number one goal is to try to avoid surgery as long as possible. But when they do have to perform the surgery, they do is little cutting as possible. They love using laparoscopic surgery and cement injections your needle into the bone. These leave very little scarring, and move slim to minimum recovery time. You’ll be back on your feet and jumping around in no time. You see they they like artificial disc replacement because that means they won’t have to go back at in and fix you down the road. It’s one and done.

Life is very dismal when you will your body is filled with pain. Especially when it comes to your back pain. Your spine is full of a neuropathic highway that senses every little thing. So that means that any little injury can cause tremendous pain. The doctors love artificial disc replacement because it eliminates that pain as quickly as possible. They also achieve this by teaching you how to stay pain-free, by teaching how to move properly in an injury free way. They can also do regular adjustments on your spine to keep you in line, to keep you moving properly.

Pain is a pain in the butt. Nip that pain in the bud by fixing your back with Tulsa’s buying and orthopedic specialists. Call them at 539-664-4448 to set up an appointment to see if they can help you today. There is no reason to be living a life full of pain and discomfort. Dr. Parchuri and Doctor Sparks are excited to meet you and waiting patiently to hear from you. Whether they are working on your back or neck our knees or shoulders, skill and no to its you fixed up right away.

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