Searching for a quality outdoor workout?

Searching for a quality outdoor workout?

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Most people who try Bootcamp Tulsa for the first time actually heard about it from a friend in fact, you might be thinking right now of that one friend you have who can’t stop raising about their experience with Bootcamp Tulsa. Let me try to explain to you a few of the reasons why so many people choose to work out with us each day. After reading this you will definitely want even more information, call 918-528-4296.

Most people are drawn to Bootcamp Tulsa because of the different styles of workouts they offer including outdoor workout and indoor workouts. Unlike most Tulsa gyms you are immediately met by intense and experienced coaches who genuinely care about your fitness goals. They sit down with you and help you determine and define what is most important. Some ladies want to lose a certain amount of weight, others want to tone specific areas of their body, and still others simply want to improve their health. Matter what your goals are our coaches are here to help you.

And it’s not just the coaches who are here to help you, it’s our whole community of your peers. At other Tulsa gems you might feel intimidated or alone. We have all been to the gym and most of us have experience that feeling when you walk through the door and everyone avoids eye contact and no one speaks each other. The atmosphere at Bootcamp Tulsa is radically different close friendships are formed and built every day as people work out alongside each other. When you feel like you can’t go any further, or the workouts feel too intense, that is when other people come alongside you and encourage you to push on. In fact we make it easy to bring your friends. We have a free trial pass and we pay you $50 for every friend you bring to Bootcamp Tulsa.

One other aspect that makes Boot camp also unique from other pulse of gems is the holistic approach to fitness. Living healthy goes far beyond lifting weights or running. Our goal is to empower people in fitness, nutrition and life. Boot camp Tulsa is more than a workout, it’s an entire fitness program. Our coaches will help you eat healthy and the layout a simple meal plan for you. They will educate you on our nutrition 101 class and will help you to find your specific goals and action steps. No matter what current fitness level you might be at right now you will be pushed at Bootcamp Tulsa and you will achieve your fitness goals.

I hope that these reasons have been enough to convince you to join us here at Boot camp Tulsa. Let us come alongside you and help you achieve your goals. You will not find better coaches were better community then you will hear that Would camp Tulsa. Join us at one of our outdoor locations today and see what that friend of yours has been talking about for so long. If you still more information call 918-528-4296. They are standing by and eagerly waiting for your call. Any questions you might have can be answered by simply giving them a call or going by their website. Set up your first workout today.Í

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